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Manaslu Tsum valley

Manaslu Tsum valley


Manaslu Tsum Valley Trek takes place in the beautiful and remote Manaslu region, a diverse region of culture, tradition, mountains, and nature. Get off the beaten track and trek the multitude of different landscapes including rugged terrain, rocky ridges, sandy river beaches, waterfalls, suspension bridges and lush green forests. The Manaslu Region is well protected by the Manaslu Conservation Area, which is a gateway to see protected flora and fauna, including endangered species, such as Snow-Leopard.

The Tsum Valley, north east of the Manaslu (mountain of the spirit) trail, was first opened to trekking in 2008. In the Manaslu region, the Tsumbas of the Tibetan origin, speak a unique dialect and still trade to the north. The valley is rich in ancient art, culture and religion. It adds a richly rewarding extension to the Manaslu trek.

A scenic drive through the Middle Hills leads to the trail head beyond Arughat at Soti Khola. The Manaslu Tsum valley trekking trail crosses numerous ridges and villages as it rises to Philim. Here it turns east into the lower, then broader Upper Tsum Valley. Crops grown include barley, maize, buckwheat and potatoes. Look out for Himalayan Tahrs and Bharal (blue sheep); preyed on by the illusive snow leopards.

The view of the snow-capped mountains on this trek is stunning, particularly Mt. Manaslu, the eighth highest mountain in the world. Along with this mountain, there are others, such as Sringi Himal, Himlung, Cheo Peak, Gyagi Kung, Kang Koru and Annapurna II. Along the trail, you will also come across monasteries to visit and admire, as well as reaching a stunning viewpoint of a glacier as you ascend the Larkya La Pass.

The Manaslu Conservation Area is a restricted area that was opened up to the public about 20 years ago. Only a limited number of visitors are allowed to enter each year to maintain the unique culture for generations to come. We are pleased to be able to make all of the necessary arrangements in order to explore this incredible area and preserve the unique Tibetan culture.

Detailed Itinerary

  • Day 01 Arrival in Kathmandu (1,300m)

    • Welcome to the Himalayan country of Nepal. Upon arrival at the Tribhuvan international airport, our representative from Boss Adventure welcomes and assists you with transfer to your Kathmandu Hotel. After time in getting refreshed, that evening you will be invited to a welcome dinner in a typical Nepalese restaurant in the heart of Kathmandu. You will also receive a trip briefing before retiring for the night at the hotel.

      Overnight at Kathmandu Hotel on BB basis.
    • Meals: -/-/WD
  • Day 02 Drive to Soti Khola (710m)

    • An early start takes us on an 9-10 hour bus ride to Soti Khola . As you follow the Budi Gandaki River, you will notice on arrival that the town is located on both sides of the river bank. Arughat Bazaar is a pleasant town with many shops selling any last minute supplies that you may need for your journey. On arrival at SotiKhola.

      Overnight at Sotikhola Lodge. (Approx 10 hrs) .
    • Meals: B/L/D
  • Day 03 Trek to Machha Khola (890m)

    • We trek to Machhakhola today which translates as Fish river in English. Above the river is a village with the same name - Machhakhola. This village is also the joining point for the Great Himalayan Trail as it heads up the East bank of the river and goes in the direction of the Ganesh Himal.

      Overnight at Machhakhola Lodge. (Approx 6hrs).
    • Meals: B/L/D
  • Day 04 to Jagat (1,030m)

    • We continue trekking up and down the valley walls along the western side of the Budhi Gandaki until reaching Tatopani, a tiny village of a few houses on the narrow trail between the gushing Budhi Gandaki and a tremendous cliff. As we pass Doban and approach Jagat the valley opens up into a broad expanse with plenty of room to walk along the river bed in most seasons. Jagat is a very picturesque Gurung village with slate-paved streets. We’ll stop at the Manaslu Conservation Area Project (MCAP) Office here to register our trekking permits, and will be able to learn about MCAP activities in the region.

      Overnight at Jagat Lodge. (Approx 5hrs).
    • Meals: B/L/D
  • Day 05 Trek to Lok Pa (2,240m)

    • The trail from Jagat descends to the pleasant village of Salleri. It also has a slate paved main street and friendly villagers. About 2 and half hours from Jagat you reach Sirdibas (1430m), a compact village with nice stone houses and slate roofs. We then pass the small village of Ghote Khola before crossing the Budhi Gandaki on one of the longest suspension bridges of this trek, followed by a steep climb to Philim.

      Above Philim the sheer scale and the feeling of being truly amongst the mighty Himalaya is evident at every turn. We cross the Budhi Gandaki yet again, the trail hugging the cliff-side, up and over ridge backs, as we gaze across the valley at cascading waterfalls. Within two hours the trail splits, with one route heading northwest up the Manaslu Circuit towards the Larkye La pass, and our route heading northeast along the Syar river toward the Tsum Valley. After a steep climb through pine forest the trail levels out and we reach the Lokpa where there is a small teahouse on the main trail a few hundred meters below the village.

      Overnight at Lok Pa Lodge. (Approx 5hrs)
    • Meals: B/L/D
  • Day 06 Trek to Chumling(2,386m)

    • Although we will only gain a few hundred meters altitude overall today it will be up and down all the way along the steep valley walls above the Syar river. We start by descending down to the river, then climb steeply and staying high above the river for a long stretch before returning to cross an old bridge to the north side. From here it’s a steady climb up to Chumling, surrounded by open meadows and planted fields that contrast starkly with the deep forest on the opposite side of the valley. We will overnight at the spacious teahouse here with splendid views. Across the valley we can spot the trail leading through Ripchet, an alternate route from Lok Pa.

      Overnight at Chumling Lodge. (Approx 5hrs)
    • Meals: B/L/D
  • Day 07 Trek to Chukkum Paro (3,031m)

    • After an easy start today along a gentle downward trail we’ll cross the river again. From here it’s mostly straight up for a few hours, first through a mix of pine and deciduous forest, then opening up to arid terrain of the high plateau with broad meadows and squat shrubbery. As we crest the plateau about 15 minutes before reaching Chukkum Paro the Tsum Valley opens up and we see the full breadth and depth of this geological wonder.

      When we reach Chukkum village you will be fully enveloped in the Tibetan Buddhist culture of the indigenous “Tsumbos”. Small gompas dot the outskirts of the village where solidly built slate-roofed houses are packed closely together, like herds of yaks shielding themselves against harsh winter weather. During the trekking season though you can expect warm, sunny days with chilly evenings.

      Overnight at Chukkum Paro Lodge. (Approx 5hrs).
    • Meals: B/L/D
  • Day 08 Trek to Nile/Chule (3,361m)

    • It’s an easy hike along well-constructed trailsand through primitive yet quite neat little villages toward the larger villages of Chule and Nile, which face weach other on opposite sides of the Syar river at the base of the comma-shaped, steep valley leading up to Mu Gompa. A huge headwall with an icy waterfall dominates the background of Chule. About 100 meters above the village looms a 700 year old Buddhist monastery that we can visit before or after crossing the river to Nile where we will stay in a comfortable and hospitable local home. This will be a relatively easy day with lots of time in the afternoon for relaxation and exploration.

      Overnight at Nile Lodge. (Approx 4hrs).
    • Meals: B/L/D
  • Day 09 Trek to Mu Gompa (3,709m) & Exprore Gumba

    • We will start the trek early alongside the Syar river leading up the valley to Mu Gompa. The trail steepens sharply as we approach the Gompa after an hour or two of hiking. We will still be engulfed in the shadows of the deep valley but will see the monastery above us lit up brightly as the sun’s rays spill unfettered down another high valley to the east, as through a window. There will be plenty of time to explore the monastery complex and its gompa. The views looking back down the valley toward Ganesh Himal are spectacular, with the stark valley terrain serving as a perfect backdrop for the sparkling whiteness of the snow-capped peaks surrounding us. Depending on our trek pace and group interests it may also be possible to explore other gompas and vistas in the mountains surrounding Mu Gompa. There are overnight accommodations at Mu Gompa where we will have the option of staying, or return to Nile (one and a half hours away) for the night.

      Overnight at Mu Gompa Lodge. (Approx 4hrs).
    • Meals: B/L/D
  • Day 10 Trek to Chumling (2,186m)

    • As we start to make our way down the valley you will have a different mountain views, dominated by the broad face of Ganesh Himal. You should also have a fresh and well-informed perspective on the region and its culture as you revisit the villages and people along the route home. Along the way we will stop at Ranchen Gompa, a sprawling nunnery that hosts hundreds of Buddhist aspirants from around the world each year.

      As we approach Chumling the terrain will once again be transformed, this time from arid high plains to verdant forests.

      Overnight at Chumling Lodge. (Approx 4hrs).
    • Meals: B/L/D
  • Day 11 Trek to Lok pa (2,240m)

    • We descend rapidly from the Tsum Valley today, although not without some challenging ascents and descents on the valley walls, before reaching Lok Pa where we will have lunch. At the juncture of the Syar and Budhi Ghandaki below Lok Pa the trail splits off to the Manaslu Circuit route heading northwest. This is where the combined Manaslu/Tsum trek route diverges, while we continue south.

      Overnight at the Lokpa. (Approx 5hrs)
    • Meals: B/L/D
  • Day 12 Trek to Pewa (1,860m)

    • Early morning we will head towards Pewa, our next camp. On the way you will experience beautiful landscape of Manaslu area.

      Overnight at the Pewa. (Approx 5hrs).
    • Meals: B/L/D
  • Day 13 Trek to Bihi Pehdi (1,990m)

    • Today we will head towards Bihi Phedi, our next camp.

      Overnight accommodations at Pewa. (Approx 4hrs).
    • Meals: B/L/D
  • Day 14 Trek to Namrung (2,605m)

    • Leaving Pewa, the valley becomes steeper and long climb through bamboo and rhododendron crossing the wild river a couple of times to reach the village of Namrung, entry into Nupri region. The people here are descendants of Tibetan migrants many centuries ago. We continue on passing the entrance gate of Mani walls, Buddhist Gompas to the villages.

      Overnight accommodations at Namrung. (Approx 4hrs).
    • Meals: B/L/D
  • Day 15 Trek to Lho (3,050m)

    • Beyond here the valley opens out and soon passes through the Tibetan village of Lho. The village has many yaks and there are excellent views of Manaslu (8163m) and Manaslu North (7,157m) at the end of the village.

      Overnight lodge at Lho. (Approx 4hrs).
    • Meals: B/L/D
  • Day 16 Trek to Sama Gaon (3,520m)

    • This is an easy day and we enable to savour the great mountain views. Trek to Sama (3530m), we follow the right bank of the river with views of Peak 29 ahead. A couple of hours climbing through the forest bring us to the village of Shyala, offering views of Phungi, Manaslu and Himal Chuli. The villagers rely on yaks, potatoes and barley for their crops in this distinctly alpine region. As we hike up, the peaks of Ganesh Himal towards the east and the huge peaks of Himalchuli and Manaslu in the the south can be seen. We look down into a little dip where two rows of houses form the main part of Sama. At the far end of the village, overlooking the valley stands the well-known monastery of Sama Gaon, Tibetan border is very near from here. We stop at Samagaon for the next two nights which will further help with acclimatization.

      Overnight lodge at Sama Gaon. (Approx 4hrs)
    • Meals: B/L/D
  • Day 17 Trek to base camp & back in Samagaon (3,520m)

    • To ensure proper acclimatization to the altitude, we have schedule a rest day at Sama Gaon. The beautiful village of Sama Gaon is one of the highlights of the trek with excellent mountains views, the close to Manaslu base camp. Ponder at the thousands of mani stones with Buddhist texts and pictures. We see women wearing a nice silver spoon as jewelry at Sama Gaon. Today is rest day but our guide take an optional excursion side trip to explore glacial moraine surrounding attractions with sightseeing to Birendra Lake or Pungyen Gompa. Pungyen means bracelet, a good description of the two peaks. Return side trip to Manaslu base camp takes eight hours. Those wishing though side trip but well worth the effort with the Manaslu Glacier and the turquoise lake beneath with mountains as far as the eye can see. If you want to just explore surrounding viewpoints and relaxed day, this Tibetan village gives the opportunity to visit the Pung-Gyen monastery which sits beneath the east face of Manaslu. Higher up again is a cave Gompa and hot springs.

      Overnight lodge at Sama Gaon. (Approx 4hrs).
    • Meals: B/L/D
  • Day 18 Trek to Samdo (3,870 m)

    • We start an early in the morning walk from Sama Gaon to head towards Samdo. We continue our walk down the edge through some fields to some old mani walls and cross the wooden bridge over the Budi Gandaki and climb gradually up the valley.

      Overnight lodge at Samdo. (Approx 4hrs).
    • Meals: B/L/D
  • Day 19 Trek to Larkya La Phedi (Dharamsala) (4,460m)

    • Another mani wall marks the beginning of ascent to the pass and cross two streams and witness the Larkya Glacier. Go around the valley of the Salka Khola and climb up again and come to the stone guest house (4450 m) which is not a lodge but a kind of shelter called Dharmasala, also known as Larkya La Phedi. Today we will be rewarded with the views of Larkya Glacier with the fantastic views of Manaslu looking particularly impressive. We came here today and have a rest to prepare for tomorrows crossing of the famous and most awaited Larkya Pass.

      Overnight lodge at Larkya La Phedi/Dharmasala. (Approx 4hrs).
    • Meals: B/L/D
  • Day 20 Trek to Bimtang (3,590m) via crossing the Larkya la pass (5160m )-7 to 9 hrs

    • We leave Dharmasala very early in the morning as it is the longest and toughest section of trekking around Manaslu crossing the Larkya la pass 5160m before the wind starts blowing strongly and possible storms appear on the pass. The trail starts gentle climb across moraine; it descends a little to a lake and then becomes rough and indistinct as it crosses to the south of steep grassy slopes. The trail stays on the moraine to a ridge marked by two cairns; from here the prayer flags marking the pass are visible. Descend to the four frozen lakes then make the final steep climb to the pass. From the pass of summit, there are outstanding panoramic view on clear day of Himlung Himal, Cheo Himal, Kangguru, Menjung and the huge Annapurna II on the horizon. Savor the spectacular views from the top of the pass. Bhimtang is long but beautiful. On the descent from the pass the trail follows the top of the moraine to the west and makes a set of steep, rough switchbacks as it crosses the moraine then descends more gently on loose gravel to another grassy moraine at 4,450m. The trail now becomes easier to follow and reaches a small meadow. The valley becomes wider as the Trails heads down to a large meadow, past a mani wall and a small rest house that marks Bimthang at 3,590m.

      Overnight lodge at Bimtang. (Approx 7 hrs).
    • Meals: B/L/D
  • Day 21 Trek to Tilije (2,300m)

    • From Bimtang, the trail starts to cross over the side of the moraine and descend to the headwaters of the Dudh Khola, and crosses a wooden bridge, then into pine and rhododendron forest to Hompuk (3,430m) with a rock shelter. The rhododendrons appear in a wide range of colors, sheep, horses and monkeys fill the forest. The panoramic view of Phungi, Manaslu, Manaslu north peak, Cheo Himal and Himlung Himal, are clearly visible. 30 minute descent in the forested area reach the meadow of Sangore Kharka. Then cross a landslide before making a steep climb to a ridge decorated with prayer flags. It makes a descent to the river bank at Gho(2,575m).

      Overnight lodge at Tilije. (Approx 5hrs).
    • Meals: B/L/D
  • Day 22 Trek to Tal (1,700m)

    • The route continues down with a few ups, mostly through fields, but also through some dense forest. Less than an hour walk through fields and intermittent stands of rhododendron and oak to arrive at Tilije, a very mixed of ethnic community settlement. Exit the village through a stone arch, cross the Dudh Khola and follow along its embankment descending through scrub forest. The walls of the Marsyangdi Valley loom larger and finally the houses of Dharapani appear in the distance. Pass through Thonje via a wooden bridge and through a chorten-shaped arch and Dharapani lies across a long suspension bridge over the Marsyangdi. Trial downs to tal-on the sandy banks of the Marsyangdi River. The prayer flags, mani walls and chortens of Tal represent to the last Buddhist village on the trek.

      Overnight Lodge at Tal. (Approx 4hrs).
    • Meals: B/L/D
  • Day 23 Drive to Besisahar (4 to 5hrs) then Kathmandu (7hrs) at the same day

    • In the morning, we leave Tal for Besisahar on local Jeep or Bus. Approximately 4 to 5 hrs drive passing the villages, marshyandi river, town of bhulbhule and khudi then all the way to Beshishar. We need to reach Besisahar at least before 3p.m to catch up last jeep or local bus to Kathmandu. On a journey back to Kathmandu, the road follows along the scenic Marsyangdi River Valley and then meets the Trishuli River as we head west along the Prithvi Highway. Along the way, we will have good views of the lush scenery and terraced farmland and perhaps even some final glimpses of the mountains. Overnight at your own selected hotel at Kathmandu.

      Overnight Lodge at Tal. (Approx 4hrs).
    • Meals: B/L/D
  • Day 24 Free day at Kathmandu

    • Today you have free day at Kathmandu. You can have sightseeing programme around Kathmandu and also go for shopping. At the evening we will pick your for the farewell dinner at Thamel.

      Overnight at Hotel in Kathmandu on BB Basis.
    • Meals: B/-/FD
  • Day 25 Departure from Kathmandu

    • Today is your last day at Kathmandu. Our representative from Boss Adventure will provide airport transfer as per flight details.
    • Meals: B/-/-

Trip Info

Trip Highlights

  • Experience this once-in-a-lifetime journey to the remote and wild Manaslu region
  • Explore a less touristic and unspoiled trekking region of Nepal
  • Explore Budhi Gandaki river valley and cross several thrilling suspension bridges
  • Experience the amazing Tibetan culture in the relative ease of Nepal
  • Discover the region of incredible Himalayan beauty and Tibetan culture
  • Trek over the Larkya La stands at 5,160m
  • 8 th highest peak in the world (Manaslu 8163m)

Service Include

  • All airport pick up drop by private vehicle.
  • 03 night twin/double shearing deluxe accommodation on BB in Kathmandu.
  • Welcome dinner & Farewell Dinner in Authentic Restaurant.
  • Transportation from Kathmandu to Soti khola by Private jeep or bus depending on number of pax.
  • Transportation from Tal to Besisahar in Local reserved Jeep & to Kathmandu by Private Jeep or Bus.
  • Annapurna Conservation Area Permit, Manaslu Conservation Area Permit and Special permit for Manaslu and Tsum Valley Area.
  • Twin/double sharing accommodation in the mountain during the trekking.
  • Three meals a day; breakfast, Lunch and Dinner and tea/coffee during the trekking.
  • A highly experience, helpful, knowledgeable, friendly, English speaking well trained, Government license holder guide with all his salary, food, drinks, accommodation, transport and insurance.
  • 02 guest=01 porter with their insurance, salary, food, accommodation and equipment.
  • Boss Adventure Jackets, I-shirt, Cap, duffle bags, and trekking route maps for only trek.

Cost Exclude

  • Nepal Visa fee (Bring accurate fee in USD and two Passport size Photo).
  • International airfare to and from Kathmandu (no need to pay departure tax for international flight).
  • Diner and lunch in Kathmandu.
  • Personal travel and health Insurance, Insurance for helicopter evacuation.
  • Extra night accommodation, lunch and dinner in city because of early arrival, late departure and early return from the mountain (due to any reason) then the scheduled itinerary.
  • Personal expenses (phone calls, baggage charge, laundry, bar bills, battery recharge, extra porters, bottle or boiled water, shower etc).
  • Tips to the trekking crews and drivers.
  • Extra expenses due to flight delays, strikes, weather condition or any event out of our control.
  • Anything not included in service includes column.
Duration: 25 Days/24 Nights Trip Code: ManTsu
  • Duration: 21+ Days
  • Grade: Moderate
  • Highest Altitude: 5160m
  • Starting: Kathmandu
  • Ending: Kathmandu
  • Accommodation: Hotel and Lodge
  • Type: Trekking

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  • I always wished to have a wonderful and memorable trip and now my wish is fulfilled. Thank you very much for organizing and managing such a great trip.

    Warm Regards,
  • Treks and Tours with Boss Adventure is like traveling with family members because of the people working on who always tried to do their best to fulfill everything we need. Awesome places with awesome peoples of Boss Adventure.

    Best Regards,
  • Spending time by visiting new places is right decision that every people made and for me the right decision I ever made while visiting new places was when I choose Boss Adventure for tours in Nepal. Thank you for making my time worthy.

    Tracey Smith,
    Wellington, New Zealand
  • Our guide and driver in Bhutan were awesome, too. Our guide in north India was wonderful, it was great to have a Tibetan-Buddhist guide for us. I want to thank you for your service, you did a great job planning the trip and taking care of the problems that arose.I appreciate your help.

    James, Michael
    Nantes, France.


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