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  • Rolwaling Trek with Pachermo Peak

    Duration: 20 Days Trip Code: Rol
    Rolwaling Trek is part of the Himalayan east-central Nepal that lies along the north-eastern side of the finger land and that juts into Tibet to the north-east of the Kathmandu – Kodari – Lhasa highway.
  • The Great Himalayan Trail

    Duration: 155 Days Trip Code: GHT
    Great Himalaya Trail is one of the longest and highest footpaths on earth, and likely the most dramatic, traversing the entirety of Nepal from east to west in the shadows of the world’s highest peaks.
  • Tapting Dudhkunda Pikey Trekking

    The Pikey Trek is a comfortable trekking route among the others treks with pikey peak (4,068m) being one of the tallest mountains of Solu (lowland of Everest region). Name of the Pikey is taken from the two names of the…
  • Trek Around Kathmandu

    Duration: 5 Days
    Chisapani & Nagarkot hiking is a cool, short and popular trekking trail around Kathmandu valley.
  • Kathmandu, Chitwan and Rafting

    Duration: 7 Days
    Tour of Kathmandu and Chitwan with rafting offers a exceptional opportunity for an noteworthy wildlife experience, escorted by an outstanding river rafting adventure.
  • Kathmandu Day Tour

    Duration: 12 Hours
    Kathmandu is an incredibly diverse historic city with breathtaking Newari architecture, centuries old Hindu and Buddhist religious sites along with dedicated tourist-friendly accommodations and restaurants.
  • Kathmandu, Nagarkot and Dhulikhel

    Duration: 4 Days
    The combination of the experiences of modern city exploration to the countryside villages with bizarre lifestyle is Kathmandu, Nagarkot and Dhulikhel Tour is a. Exploration of cultural, natural and historical hearts of Kathmandu valley and nearby two hill.
  • Nagarjun Hill Hike

    Nagurjun Hike is a day program with hike to the nearby Nagarjun hill located 23 km north-west of Kathmandu city. Nagarjun hill is at 6300 feet above the sea-level and this program is one of the popular day hikes around…
  • Two day Bhaktapur and Namo Buddha

    Duration: 2 Days Trip Code: BKT+ NAMO
    Bhaktapur is a neighboring district of Kathmandu and it doesn’t even take a single hour to reach there from Kathmandu. Kathmandu, Bhaktapur and Patan are three cities inside Kathmandu Valley and all three cities have significant cultural history.
  • Two Day Tour of Kathmandu

    Duration: 2 Days
    Our two-day cultural tour in Kathmandu provides a close glimpse of Nepal. It not only showcases the rich culture of the Nepalese people but also takes you back in time through its architectural marvels.
  • Annapurna Comfort Trek

    Duration: 14 Days
    The Annapurna Region is revered for its unique beauty and spiritual significance. Encircled by a massive ring of Himalayan giants, it is an incredible experience that draws trekkers from all corners of the globe.

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